headband headphones

headband headphones


Headband headphones comprise two earcups, which are connected by a band which runs across the head. The mechanics of the headband ensure that the earcups are pressed against the ears on both sides, to guarantee stability. Unlike earbuds and In-Ears they are characterised mainly by a better impression of space in their sound.

Open-back headband headphones, i.e. those with perforated earcups, excel in this regard, but because of a lack of isolation, are not suitable for portable use. For this purpose closed-back models are used, which also produce more powerful bass.

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The HM5 provide you with a great sound stage and the highest comfort. You can listen to music at home or even on the road without any compromise.

  • type: closed, over-ear headphones, housing with aluminium;
  • technology: dynamic driver;
  • sound: neutral, transparent, great sound stage; 
  • genre: rock, pop, jazz, singer-song-writer;
  • compatibility: compatibility: Apple iOS (e.g. iPod, iPhone, iPad), Android Smartphones, MP3-Playern, CD- und DVD-Player and all audio equipment with a 3.5mm or 6,5mm plug.
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