JDS Labs OL DAC - Objective Line - headphones professional equipment - black - incl. power adapter

JDS Labs OL DAC - Objective Line - headphones professional equipment - black - incl. power adapter

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The JDS OL DAC is an extra ordinary digital-analog converter for music lovers. The OL DAC is based on the Objective-family of JDS. The OL DAC is coming with a charming reduced design and perfect electronics.

  • type: dgital analog converter (DAC), USB-DAC, metall housing;
  • technology: Optical - 16/44.1kHz thru 24/192kHz, USB - 16/44.1kHz thru 24/96kHz;;
  • connections: Input - USB, TOSLINK, Output - RCA;
  • operating system: Windows XP/7/8/10, PS4, OS X, iOS, Linux;
  • all JDS products are "Made in America" and directly imported from HEADSOUND.

The OL DAC from JDS is the next member of the Objective family. The Objective Line began as an opensource amp design by blogger NwAvGuy. Through years of customer feedback, JDS engineered several amps and DACs along the same technical philosophy and design spirit. OL DAC is fundamentally the best value brought to the series, and stacks with Objective2 and/or OL Switcher to form a versatile listening center.

The differential output of the AK4490EQ DAC is summed by an OPA2227, with DC coupling throughout. Drive any devices you wish, satisfactorily.

The OL DAC can be operated with USB or TOSLINK and as output you can take the RCA connector.

Specifications DAC

  • Frequency Response: 20Hz-20kHz +/- 0,15dB
  • THD+N 20Hz-20kHz: 0,0025%
  • IMD CCIF 19/20 kHz -6,03 dBFS 0,00033%
  • IMD SMPTE -6,03 dBFS 0,00031%
  • Noise A-Weighted -109 dBu
  • Dynamic Range (A-Weighted) > 114 dB
  • Linearity Error -90 dBFS -0,01 dB
  • Crosstalk -10 dBFS 100K RCA -108 dB
  • USB Jitter Components 11025Hz -116 dB
  • Maximum DAC Line-Output, 100K 2,00 VRMS

Data Support

  • Interface: USB Audio Class 1
  • Native OS Support: Windows XP/7/8/10, PS4, OS X, iOS, Linux
  • Audio Formats: Optisch - 16/44.1kHz bis 24/192Hz (many optical sources are unable to reliably transmit at 192kHz.), USB - 16/44.1kHz bis 24/96kHz


  • Input - USB, TOSLINK
  • Output - RCA


  • Case Dimensions: 4.27 x 3.15 x 1.16 in (10,85 x 8,00 x 2,94cm)
  • Weight 13 oz (369g)


  • 1 yeaer

scope of delivery

  • OL DAC
  • 15VAC Power Adapter
  • 3ft (91,44cm) USB Type-A Cable

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