Notes on battery disposal


Batteries and Rechargables

Dear Customers,

you've bought a battery or a battery-powered product. The battery life is very long, but they must be disposed of at some point. Do not throw it in the trash. Consumers are obliged by law to bring batteries to an appropriate collection point. You may send your used batteries to HEADSOUND audio GmbH // Fellbacher Straße 17 // 13467 Berlin // Germany. Batteries contain valuable materials which are recyclable.

WEEE-Tonne_ohne_Balken.jpgThis sign means: Batteries and Rechargables must not be put into the garbage.

Pb: Lead

Cd: Cadmium

Hg: Quicksilver



WEEE Declaration



Your product is designed with high quality materials and components and manufactured dei are recyclable and can be reused. This symbol means that electrical and electronic products must at the end of their useful life are disposed of separately from household waste.

Please dispose of this product at your local collection point or recycling center. Please help me to keep the environment in which we live.

Thank you.