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The world of headphones in a store: exclusive models, international brands, high quality, fair price. HEADSOUND audio brings the worlds' highlights to Germany.

We specialise in bringing unknown brands from the USA and Asia to Germany. We choose our partners carefully and only stock products in which we personally believe. “Bang for your buck” – above all this is our most important criterion. Across the entire product spectrum you get excellent value for money, because the manufacturers in our range don’t have to fund huge global marketing departments, the costs of which are passed on to product prices.

For many years most US and European headphone producers manufacture the majority of their ranges in Asia. Aside from production, often the research and development was also delegated to the OEMs there. These companies have therefore amassed enormous know-how and produce outstanding products, which are also increasingly supplied under their own brand name, albeit usually only to the Asian market.

HEADSOUND audio has set itself the goal of handpicking these gems from this market and bringing them to Germany.







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