JDS Labs ATOM AMP - Headphone Amplifier + Preamp - headphones prof. equipment - black - incl adapter

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The new developed Atom Amp is marking a new generation of headphone amplification. Atom Amp builds on more than a decade of amplifier design evolution at JDS Labs. The Atom Amp comes fully loaded with a smooth 1/4" headphone jack, gold-plated preamp RCA outputs, and both 3.5mm and RCA inputs. More power. No noise. Front-mounted controls. Atom Amp, The new standard for performance and value in a headphone amp.

  • type: headphone amplifier and preamp, 1/4" headphone jack output, RCA outputs, 3.5mm input, RCA inputs, metall housing;
  • technology: Preamp outputs, Dual Inputs, Ultra High Power, Dual Gain;
  • connections: 1/4" headphone jack, RCA outputs, 3.5mm input, RCA inputs;
  • all JDS products are "Made in America" and directly imported from HEADSOUND.

The new Atom Amp is a master piece of headphone amplification.

Smart Logic

Designed for desktop listening, Atom Amp's relay muting eliminates pops and thumps during startup.

Ultra High Power

While most headphone listening demands only milliwatts, Atom Amp uses the same output buffers as our flagship Element Line, pushing up to 1W per channel.

Top Performance

Atom Amp is the most advanced analog amplifier to date, achieving top performance from its 4-layer, star grounded layout.

Dual Inputs

Atom Amp consolidates the need for a separate amp and preamp. Connect up to two sources and select between 3.5mm and RCA input with the push of a button.

Dual Gain

Low gain of 1.0x is well suited to driving efficient IEMs, while high gain easily powers demanding full size sets when paired with a 2VRMS DAC.

Preamp Outputs

Unplug your headphones and Atom Amp's knob adjusts volume of its RCA preamp outputs, so that you can control volume of your powered speakers.

Specification Amplifier Performance

  • Frequency Response 20Hz-20kHz +/- 0.01dB
  • THD+N 1kHz, 32 Ω 0.0008%
  • THD+N, 20Hz-20kHz, 32 Ω 0.0012%
  • IMD CCIF 19/20kHz 32 Ω 0.0002%
  • IMD SMPTE 32 Ω 0.0005%
  • Noise, A-Weighted -114 dBu
  • Crosstalk @ 150 Ω -87 dB
  • Output Impedance 0.7 Ω
  • Channel Balance +/- 0.6 dB
  • Max Continuous Output, 600Ω 125mW (8.68 VRMS)
  • Max Continuous Output, 150Ω 502 mW (8.66 VRMS)
  • Max Continuous Output, 32Ω 1 Watt (5.66 VRMS)


  • Headphone Output 6.35mm (1/4"),
  • Analog Input RCA, 3.5mm
  • Line-Output RCA (Preamp)


  • Case Dimensions 5.0 x 5.5 x 1.4 in (12,7 x 13,97 x 3,6 cm)
  • Weight 9.3 oz 


  • black


  • Dual Gain 1.0x and 4.5x
  • Volume Potentiometer Taper Alps 15A


  • 1 yeaer

scope of delivery

  • 1 x Atom Amp
  • 1 x 16VAC EU Power Adapter

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